Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Dream of Unity

I did not know it at the time, but the Mayans believed the source of everything in the local universe came from a black hole in the center of the Milky Way. (It is interesting to note that we have only known of the existence of this black hole for about 100 years, yet they knew it long before we did.) Oddly, my symbol represents the Galactic Center.

Now I cannot prove that I somehow journeyed to the Galactic Center during my death experience but why would I draw this symbol if I didn’t?

The Key” that William refers to that may originate from the Galactic Center and release an essence called Christos which opens one up to higher knowledge is very significant to me for many reasons.

In 1977 I clearly remember experiencing eternity in the present moment. It was in that moment that I felt very Christ-like. Even though I was fairly immature at that age, I was experiencing a certain wisdom that seemed to come directly from the source. I recall resonating with what Jesus once said: “ The father and I are one”. Had I known then what I know now, I would have said “ The Source and I are one”. It would be accurate to say that the Christ within me was fully awakened and alive.

Having had this experience myself, I can empathize with schizophrenics who actually believe(d) they are/were Jesus. I find it so strange that our western culture diagnoses this as a sign of illness. The experiencer's are even given a modern day crucifixion by being strapped to a table on all four limbs. They are then force- fed drugs and given “therapy” which is designed to separate them from the experience and identification of their own inner Christ.

Is it possible that the spiritual goal of human experience is to fully experience the Christ within? Is it possible that the return of Christ may involve everyone opening up to a powerful and transformative experience such as this? Is it possible that the energy that initiates this experience originates from the Galactic Center and is transmitted through the sun? Is it possible that the Galactic Alignment on 12/21/2012 causes this energy to intensify to unprecedented levels causing the end of the world?

The dream of separation sees “the end of the world” as death, destruction and the end of it all. The dream of unity could see “the end of the world” as a new beginning, a rebirth, a return of the Christ within us all.

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