Thursday, January 20, 2011

"The Key"

William Henry’s Article @ Goes on to say:

“Two enormous, gamma-ray-emitting structures are bubbling out of the center of our galaxy. And astronomers have no idea what caused them. One possibility includes a particle jet from the super massive black hole at the galactic center. Another possible answer is that the gamma-ray bubbles are evidence of an ancient burst of star formation at the center of the galaxy. If a huge cluster of massive stars formed millions of years ago, the giants could now be dying together, creating an outbreak of supernovae. Some believe this increase in energy throughout our galaxy will have life changing effects on all of us and as we draw closer to 2012

All the occult mysteries speak of a key that is required to unlock mystical secrets of enlightenment.

Specifically, the lost secret is about building a better human through the release of secretions from the astounding manufacturing plant of spiritual oils, the human brain. This oil or essence (called Christos) was the key secret of Mary Magdalene and the Essenes.

The skull is a protective box for the brain, eyes and hearing organs. It is the Cup of Life, the Holy Grail, that catches these secretions from the brain. Without “the key” vibrating in our brains and radiating throughout our bodies no one can gain the higher knowledge of the gods.”

This “key” comes through the Sun, but may originate in the galactic center.

I had a profound spiritual death experience in 1977

Afterward I was compelled to draw a symbol that represented the source of all things.

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