Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Theories & Conclusions Regarding This Phenomena

I have never been able to come to many conclusions regarding this phenomena. This is partially due to my strong skeptical side. Sometimes I have just wanted all this to go away, leave me alone, and let me live an ordinary life. This is apparently not meant to be, because my life has been far from the ordinary and it is getting further from the ordinary every day!

One thing is for sure, my whole physiology changes in the winter time and it coincides with the winter solstice like clockwork every year. First I begin to wake up after 4-6 hours of sleep and I cannot get back to sleep. This problem continues with me until spring. From about the middle of may through late October I sleep 8-9 hours and even have to fight from sleeping too much.

When I ask myself: Why is this? The only possible answer is that I am sensitive to whatever energetic occurs as the December solstice sun become closer in alignment to the Galactic Center. I become extremely energized which is great, but since I do not get adequate sleep I am tired and wired at the same time and this can be a real problem at times.

Then I ask myself: Why am I sensitive to this energy? Why does it affect me so profoundly? The only possible answer I can come up with goes back to my spiritual death experience in 1977. Afterward I drew an accurate symbol of the Galactic Center. It was as if I went there and when I came back I was never the same. This was an extremely profound initiatory experience that opened me up to possibilities and potentials that are not commonly taught. Why did this happen to me? It certainly was not my choice, so in a sense I was chosen. Why I do not know. Maybe it is because I am special and unique... you know...just like everybody else! : ^)

Why this happened really is not important. What is important is: What can I do with what I have learned in order to be of service? My only answer to that question is to share my story and perhaps other pieces of the puzzle will come from the readers of this blog who have had similar experiences.

I would like to open this exploration with my first question:

Are there higher forces operating around us at all times? In other words, is there a higher power that can intercede in our lives to change it for the better?

Before I continue with this I want to share a quote from the writings of Carlos Castaneda. Carlos had a Shaman teacher who once said to him: “Sometimes we think we are making a decision that is our own; but in reality, we really do not know if we are merely acquiescing to a higher authority”

I have had some very direct experiences with this. Back in my wilder days I used to love driving in the most challenging winter conditions and I would often push my poor car past it’s limits. One night I was going about 90 mph down a country road that I was very familiar with when I hit a patch of ice while coming out of a corner. My car began to fishtail wildly. No matter how hard I tried to gain control by steering I just could not gain control. Suddenly a voice or actually it was more like a silent command told me : Just let go! I quite automatically let go ( I acquiesced to a higher authority). When I did, it was as if everything happened in slow motion. My car went deep into a snowy ditch and over a rise which sent me airborne right into some brush which brought me to a perfect stop 3 feet away from a large tree. There was absolutely no damage done to the car at all!

If that voice or command, or whatever it was, did not intercede, I could easily have continued fighting with the wheel, rolled the car, and could have easily been seriously injured or killed.

There is no way that letting go of the wheel was my idea. The only explanation I have is that I was open enough to allow a higher power to move through me and take over.

My second question: Is it possible that all things are being orchestrated by a higher power/intelligence? If so, then this certainly would explain synchronicity i.e. meaningful coincidence. I honestly do not think that all of my decisions and actions are being orchestrated by a higher authority, but I suspect that many times they are. I had no intention of continuing this blog on 12/21/2010 and yet I woke up earlier than I ever wanted to, feeling that it was time to move forward with this.

I am sure that some people are inclined to think that I did this intentionally and that my mind filters everything else out with the exception of these numbers and coincidences. Now I cannot honestly rule this out as this probably does happen to a certain degree, but it cannot possibly explain everything!

The rational mind likes to explain things so that it can maintain it’s illusory sense of ultimate control. Nothing wrong with that, except far too many people never venture beyond the rational mind’s limitations. Susan Gregg one quoted “ The mind is a wonderful tool but a terrible master” and I agree with this whole-heartedly. The mind cannot possibly explain ANYTHING beyond its limitations. When it tries to do so, it is merely trying to fit infinity into a finite box and that simply cannot be done!

If all things are orchestrated by a higher power then how could there be such things as crime, war, famine, disasters, etc? How could people create such un-godlike things? My answer to this is: If people are disconnected from “the source” they essentially become incapable of cooperating intelligently with the source, so they become more than capable of creating what no one in their right mind wants.

I think the next crucial step in our evolution is to connect with this higher source and learn to cooperate with it in an intelligent manner. It is apparent that most of humanity is not well aligned with this source, and they are they are not quite able to cooperate intelligently with it. I am in no way saying that I have mastered this, but I have had enough experience with it to know that amazing things can happen when this “cooperative association” is fully engaged. More on this later.

So the next question becomes: How do we cooperate intelligently with “source”? First I think it is important to be able to recognize when it is in action. So how do we do that? I think that recognizing synchronicities in your life is a good first step. When you have trained yourself to recognize them on a daily basis you will automatically begin to develop a “cooperative association” with the it.

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