Monday, December 20, 2010

Connecting to "Source" 12/23/10 Post

Is there such a thing as being disconnected from the source? I believe “ separation” is a very grand illusion, probably one of the biggest lies ever told.

“Only in the mind does the inseparable become separate.”

If we were truly separated from source we would not be alive! We are connected to the sun, the earth, and the plants through the air we breath, the food we eat, the water we drink, and the light that we see. Disconnect from either one of these and your life as you know it now could not exist.

We just think we are disconnected from source because we are always busy looking away from it. We are distracted from it, and it is the programming in our own mind that responsible for it.

We separate things as Good or Bad, God vs. Not-God, White vs. Black, and then we get into arguments about who is right, who is wrong, what this is, and what that is not, and we take ourselves so seriously that we will kill or be killed in the insane pursuit of righteousness. We are one button-push away from complete and utter devastation. Would we be like this if we could clearly see, feel, touch and even taste our connection and communicate intelligently with it?

How different would life on earth be if our childhood domestication did not sever our attention from the infinite intelligence that is all around us at all times? How would we treat each other if we were fully aware that we are all connected and interdependent with each other?

What if?:

“God creates the reality of the human through the human”?

What is life like on a planet full of humans like who are not aware of this? Just watch the news and you will see examples of it on every channel!

We were created, therefore, we are creation in motion. We are creators with a potential that we have not even imagined yet! Our ancient ancestors did some incredible things; some of which cannot be explained by the greatest minds on earth. How did they do these things that modern man cannot realistically explain? My only answer to this is they were CONNECTED to source in a way that we ARE NOT!

So how do we develop a powerful communication with the source? If the saying: “Synchronicity is god’s way of performing miracles anonymously” is true, then I think a good first step is recognizing when these things occur in our life. It has been my experience and the experience of others who have been opened up to this phenomena that expressing gratitude for these “signs” causes an increase in their appearance.

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