Monday, December 20, 2010

The End of The World (1/5/11)

Over New Years Weekend one of my acquaintances had been watching programs about 12/21/2012. He was talking about how the end of the Mayan Calendar might mean the end of the world etc, etc.

I said “ The end of the world started the day it all began” "Awwwwww" was his only reaction.

This got me thinking. Instead of allowing our attention to be hooked by all the hype about 12/21/2012, why not make a conscious decision to live like it was our last day on earth? Why not start creating a better life for ourselves and our fellow man?

What if our purpose on earth is simply to enjoy life? If we let go of all the non-essential BS that we are barraged with everyday it becomes much easier to live, love, and simply enjoy life in peace.I think it is time to transmute all the fear and assumptions about some "End Date" and start creating a better world.

A few years ago I wrote a poem about what I thought happens on 12/21/2012. See Next Post:

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