Monday, December 20, 2010

Back to my 2nd Question (12/31/10)

My second question was: Is it possible that all things are being orchestrated by a higher power/intelligence?

My answer to this is : How can it NOT be? The power of this orchestration is being demonstrated everywhere and at all times. This “orchestration” powers the sun, the stars, the wind, the plants, the animals etc. It is working inside of us at all times. It makes our heart beat, our blood flow, our hair to grow (or in my case fall to out!) : ^ )

To what degree does this orchestration control events in our lives? Are we in control of it, or is it in control of us? I would like to think that I am in control of my life, but I know full well that this could be an illusion. I know that my actions could be the result of me acquiescing to forces beyond my comprehension.

Would this “orchestration” have me do stupid things? I think I do stupid things on my own, and I think this happens when I fall out of intelligent cooperation. I know without question that when I am in intelligent cooperation; i.e. aligned with source, incredible things happen that I cannot personally take credit for. When someone asks me how did you do that? I say “I don’t do it, “it” does me!

I remember one night while gazing at clouds with my girlfriend. I suddenly pointed to one part of the sky and said “ Watch that part of the sky right there. Something very important is going to happen” Within a minute or so the clouds dissipated in a circular formation right where the moon was! Twenty minutes or so later I said “ It’s going to happen again” and the very same phenomena repeated exactly as before. Had I been asked at that time how I knew or how I did that, I would have said: “ I have no idea.”

This reminds of me a story from one of don Miguel Ruiz’s apprentices. I think they were in Peru and Miguel was standing on a mountain peak when suddenly he said “ look over there, fog is going to develop right there.” Sure enough, within a minute or so fog developed right where he was pointing! Later on he pointed to another spot and said “lightning is going to strike right there” and sure enough it did!

When his apprentices asked: “Miguel, how did you do that?” He replied: “ I don’t know, it is beyond knowledge.”

It really does not matter how these things happen, what matters is the fact that they do, and they seem to happen to people who devote a lot of their life to spiritual disciplines. I believe that any good spiritual discipline will teach you to be in intelligent cooperation with the powers that be and these powers have a way of making themselves known in unmistakable ways.

To be continued….

Stay “tuned”

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