Monday, December 20, 2010

Wormholes, Stargates i.e. Portals to other worlds

I once had an experience in 1993 which could very well fall into this category. My life at that time was purely focused on studying and practicing shamanism. My friend Sam and I were planning on doing a medicine journey in sacred area near where I used to live.

Prior to leaving, I did a shamanic journey in order to contact a spirit guide for instructions on what we should do. In this journey I met a dwarf that resembled a leprechaun. He was embracing a large cauldron that was filled with dirt. He did not say a word, but I intuited that what he meant was for us to carry a container for us to collect dirt from places that seemed significant to us.

When we arrived at my medicine circle. I literally fell to my knees when I saw a hole to the left of the center rock (altar)of the circle. I was so affected by this because I had seen this hole in a dream a day or so before and it matched the dream perfectly. I realized at that point that it would be appropriate to collect some dirt from around this hole .

After a brief ceremony in the circle we decided to journey onward. Soon I began to have an overwhelming sense of familiarity with the area. It was as if I had spent much of my time there in nighttime dreams. I seemed to know the place better than I could have under ordinary circumstances. I had an indescribable sensation that made me stop dead in my tracks. Then I pulled out my flashlight and pointed it at my feet and to my surprise there was another small hole in the ground. Again it seemed appropriate to collect dirt from around the hole and place it in our containers. I continued to find these holes in the same way with a precision that transcends mere coincidence. ( this “ability” continued for years afterward)

At one point I felt like I was speaking with an authority that was clearly not my own. I don’t recall exactly what I was saying but I clearly remember saying “ there is a dwarf who lives in these woods and I think I know where he lives.”

While we were walking on the side of a hill, the bottom of my walking stick/staff went into a small hole. Immediately I began to feel an immense amount of energy coursing through it and into me. At the time Sam was at the bottom of the hill by a creek. I said “Uh…..Sam…..I think I found our spot!!!

We discovered that the hole was in the center of a small stump. We sat down next to it and I reached for my rattle with the intention of using it to do a shamanic journey through the hole. I was so overcome by the power of this place that I even surprised myself when I said “ I don’t know if I even dare do this!” I am not sure when I started to say this, but I kept repeating the words “we are to be visited” I had a powerful sense that we would be visited, perhaps by an extraterrestrial or something like that.

I took a few deep breaths and shook my rattle about 3 or 4 times and that is when another voice of authority overcame me. It seemed like me speaking, but I had an authority in my consciousness and in my voice that I had never experienced before. I or better yet “It” would speak briefly and pause, and in perfect synchronicity and owl would call out an almost supernatural hoot. Then this process would repeat and then a heron would let out a very loud shriek as if to exclaim an agreement with what this voice/presence was saying.

Sam would start to ask a question and “it” would finish the question and provide the answer and again an owl or heron would speak out in agreement. There sure seemed to be a telepathy between Sam and “it”. I felt as if we were surrounded by animals who were also participating in this unparalleled event. This kind of thing went on for about 2 hours and suddenly I/”it” stopped and said “ you have been visited” I opened my eyes and looked at Sam. He was looking at me in a most unusual way. I asked him: “ did I go somewhere?” With eyes as big as dinner plates Sam said : “ You became something else!” What I asked? Sam went on to inform me that I had transformed into a 3ft tall dwarf who seemed to be able to answer questions that he had not even vocalized yet.

He said that while all this was going on, the hill looked like it was filled with roots of energy and they all intersected at the stump with the hole in it. He said he told the dwarf that he looked like he was a node on one of those veins and the dwarf replied “ I am these veins.”

That was absolutely the most profound experiences of my life. It changed my view of the world in a dramatic way.

Was that hole a legitimate portal? I don’t know for sure, but it certainly was a source of transformational energy unlike anything I have ever experienced. Now there may be ordinary explanations to some of our experience but to that I say:

“There is an ordinary explanation to any non-ordinary event that is invalid, and there is a non-ordinary explanation for every ordinary event that is invalid.”

Explanations are merely the rational mind’s attempt to fit infinity into a warm and fuzzy finite box. Life is a mystery, and yet our rational mind takes that mystery and makes it ordinary just so it can be safe and comfortable in it’s world of illusion.

I recently had a dream where I became aware I was in a dream looking at a spirit being. I asked it: “ Are you real?” It responded “ Is your mind real? Is your imagination real? Are you real?” Then I said “ I just want to know what is real” It responded “ Therein lies your problem.” I did not know what to make of this answer until I thought about it for a while. What is REAL? When we agree that something is real it can be considered real. If reality as we know it is capable of being altered as in the dwarf experience then what? This reminds me of a quote from one of my mentors: “Perhaps calling it reality is our first mistake”

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