Monday, December 20, 2010

Hamburger Shaped Craft (1/6/11)

Peter Gersten shared this photo and it reminded me of the following experience:

It started in 1994 when I was living in Phoenix. I dreamed that I was watching a hamburger shaped UFO fly over a field. Suddenly it ejected a white sparkling object out of it. I ran over to where the object landed expecting it to be something out of this world. It was a blue pen! The next day I took the dream to mean that I needed to start journaling my dream and experiences and as I did they increased exponentially.

When I moved back to Minnesota in the fall of 94 I dreamed that I was standing in a field looking up at the same hamburger shaped craft. Here is where it gets real f’n weird. I woke up in my dream and I raised up from my bed, and with my eyes wide open I saw this craft had “merged” with my apartment. As I gazed at the craft it began to dissipate and soon my apartment became my apartment.

To this day I am surprised that I was so nonchalant about this happening! After watching this happen I laid right back down and went to sleep. Shortly after, I found myself surrounded by four humanoid shaped beings. They did not have solid bodies, they had dark purplish rainbow-like bodies.

One of the beings was holding my ankles and seemed interested in how my muscles twitched in my calves. Then the being on my left said “ we are interested in him being a model”. When I woke up from this I was far from nonchalant. I still felt like those beings were there and every noise I heard caught my attention because I thought it came from them.

Ordinarily I would write this kind of experience off as a dream, but there were some rather extreme physical effects that I experienced shortly afterward. First I noticed that I could feel an intense tingling energy in my hands. If I placed my hand fully open on my desk for example I could feel energy flowing in the desk. One day I was standing behind my friends son and I opened my hand up over his head and he immediately turned around and looked up at me. I asked him “ what made you look up just now?” He said “ I could feel something tingly on the top of my head”

Another bizarre thing I noticed while walking was that people would stop as if they had ran into me and yet they were 15ft away from me! One day a man was unloading a Pepsi truck and just as he turned and started heading my way, he stopped abruptly as if he had run into a wall. He looked shocked that there was nothing there except me standing about 30 ft away! He quickly shrugged it off and continued on.

For about four days after my encounter with the beings, I would be jolted awake by intense electrical energy shooting through my spine. Later on I noticed that I was generating way more static electricity than normal and some street lights would turn on or off whenever I got close to them. One day I was just sitting in my chair with my keyboard in my lap and a spark jumped from my leg into the keyboard and it ruined my computer!

As dreamlike as my experience had been, the after effects were quite real; some of which I still experience to this day. What did the being who said “ we are interested in him being a model” mean? I am pretty sure that he wasn’t talking about me modeling men’s underwear! Was he was talking about whatever they were going to do to me? Maybe I became some sort of experiment? Many times I have wanted to just write it all off as a "dream" or my imagination gone wild, but I can’t!

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